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Salsa dance in Havana!

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The salsa Classes

Our salsa dance courses are temporarely unavailable since we are in the process of improving our services. We are sorry for the inconveniences.

If you are travelling to Havana, you may want to look at the Private homes page.
Feb. 8, 2003.

We specialize in teaching salsa dance in Cuba and we teach beginning salsa as well as advanced salsa.
The classes are intended to develop strength, flexibility, coordination, and the ability to perceive and reproduce phases of dance movement with rhythmic accuracy.
The classes are taught with all dancing levels in mind, going into detail about the patterns taught, and the means with which to make them fun to dance, and attractive to watch.
They are kept "light" too, so that even those dancers struggling with new moves for the first time feel at ease and remember that dancing is for fun.
Classes are fun and give people the confidence they need to have fun on the dance floor.
We teach both the lead (male) as well as the following (female) patterns.
The course teaches transferable dance skills that are useful in any dancing: basic footwork patterns, rhythms, fitting the dance phrase to the musical phrase, and consideration for other dancers. Early sessions will lay the groundwork for later ones.

Salsa dance courses in Havana, Cuba
Even the cat will learn dancing!
Topics covered in our classes course include the dances background, instruction in how to listen, feel and express cuban rhythms with precise detail, and practice in the technique and style of both open and close partner work.
Our strength is that we offer something for everyone, from social dancing to competitive levels.
The salsa dance classes are held in a private home in Havana, Cuba.
If you need more information, do not hesitate to contacting us.

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