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Salsa dance in Havana!

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Price & reservations

Our salsa dance courses are temporarely unavailable since we are in the process of improving our services. We are sorry for the inconveniences.

If you are travelling to Havana, you may want to look at the Private homes page.
Feb. 8, 2003.

The base price is $8.00 US for each student per hour of class.
(Fx. 2 weeks, 2 hours a day of salsa One-on-One instruction class for only $224 US.)

The payment must be made in cash after you take your first salsa dance class so you can try first and then decide whether you take the course or not and for how long. People normally then decide whether they will take more than two hours daily.

We offer group and private lessons on a reservation basis.

To make your reservation, you must just send us an email with the dates you will stay in Havana and when you would like to start your salsa dance course with us at Salsa Habana. We will then check the schedule and see when is our salsa specialist available and will get back to you by email with the schedule available for the dates you have selected.

Salsa dance courses in Havana, Cuba
Even the cat will learn dancing!
You must also send us how to contact you once you are in Havana.

If you want to stay in a private home, we suggest you to visit Havana Rentals. There you can book in advance in a private home in Havana.

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