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Salsa dance in Havana!

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Even the cat will learn dancing Salsa with us in Havana!
Even the cat will lear our The salsa with us!
Our salsa dance courses are temporarely unavailable since we are in the process of improving our services. We are sorry for the inconveniences.

If you are travelling to Havana, you may want to look at the Private homes page.
Feb. 8, 2003.

Do you want to learn or improve your salsa dance skills and be taught by a Cuban professional teacher in Havana, Cuba?
In Salsa Habana, we arrange both private (One-on-One Instruction) and group salsa lessons in Havana, Cuba, by previous appointments by email.
The classes are taught in Havana by Mrs. Idania, a Cuban dance professional with more than 14 years of experience teaching the Cuban rhythms.
She teaches beginning salsa as well as advanced salsa. Other courses are also available and may include merengue, popular cuban music (son, danzón, cha-cha-cha, mambo), afrocuban folklore (congo, santeria, rumba) and modern dance.
Please contact us for more information and appointments.

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